Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jalan-jalan ke KLCC

Sudah beli! It's too sweet for me., but overall sdp je tekak telan.,,

Singgah jup ke isetan.. Bought some stuffs for baby.., kakak x beli pepe.. Huhuhuhuh sedih..,

Ingat nk mkn prosperity.. Tp perut knyg mkn subway n speghaty milano.. Alya pun knyg.. Mkn subway 2/3 from mommy punya..,


shitah said...

dh ade kat malaysia ke.. wah finally.. punye la aku teringin.. last sekali bli kat universal studio.. pastu nk mkn lagi x kan nk g lg universal studio tu.. kat mane ek...

Cik Firus said...

sedapnye popcorn..cik firus suka mkn popcorn

btw jom baca latest update cik firus

Mak Wardah said...

Best je baca your blog. salam perkenalan

geez said...

Long time x pg KLCC.... ^_^

Mak Wardah said...

Tukang mkn popcorn tu rasanya lebih manis..Tomei

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mrs kayrul said...

aduh tengok popcorn pun bikin terliur tau

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