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Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out
Time: 10am - 2pm
Date: 2nd January 2009
Vanue: Kizsports & Gym, One Utama
Special thanks to Shaolin Tiger, the official photographer of the event for some of the pictures... thx so much!

Bestnya... super duper fun and informative event...  organized by Nuffnang Malaysia and Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd - manufacturer of Friso Gold.

Last Saturday, we all were invited to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out at Kizsports & Gym, One Utama. The event was scheduled to start at 10am but we arrived early around 9:30am. Mommy and Daddy have been to One Utama before but that was before Alya was born :). All the shops were not opened yet and the entrances were also closed except one manned but a security officer. So... off we went to the S.O to ask for directions to Kizsports & Gym. Luckily the entrance that we go was also the on same side as Kizsports & Gym and the S.O was kind enough to turn on the escalator for us.

"Thanks, Uncle!", says Alya.

Kizsports & Gym was on the 2nd floor and when we arrived, we saw that there's a few family that have arrived already and we are like one of the first 5 i think. Hehehe. So, while waiting for the registration counter to get ready, a few snaps of Mommy, Daddy & Alya first before there's more people coming.

There's an Event Board at the front entrance too so we took a few snaps there.  It's also as a proof actually that we were actually there... hehhehe. When the registration counter was opened, we were still passionately taking a few photos of Alya and it took us a few minutes to notice that everybody has already queued for registration. Mommy then hurriedly and patiently take turn as the photos below shows.

 we got lucky... the organizer just happen to write down alya's name tag... hehehhe...
At the registration counter, all of us got a name tag and also a t-shirt for Alya to wear. It was an L-size t-shirt  for toddlers while Alya usually wears only 6-12 months size baby t-shirt. So... you can imagine how big the size for Alya is. It's like a princess with a long gown sweeping the floor. Hehehe... but thanks to the organizer too so now Alya can keep that t-shirt and can wear it until she's 6 years old! Must be a limited-limited edition then. It would be good if Mummy is a size 2 so Mummy can wear it too...kuikuikui...

After registration, we park the stroller at the entrance and join other parents in the Kizsports & Gym but we all must took off our shoes and only wear stockings . This is COMPULSORY for hygienic purposes. When we were inside, Alya was very excited seeing all her new friends playing around and can't wait to play too! We took Alya to the castle first and play peek-a-boo with her. She like it very much.....

After playing in the castle, she join her new friends playing colorful balls. She was very excited since this is a new experience for her. Before this, we never brought her to such a place. Although wearing such a big t-shirt that make her hard to move, this does not hamper her to explore and learn something new. In the meantime, Mommy and Daddy  made new friends from the blogosphere too!

After that, Alya also played with a few other toys like Jay-jay the Jet Plane and Nemo.

While we were busy playing with Alya, Daddy suddenly bump into his old friend from his university days.  Auntie Asmah came with her husband and her handsome baby boy- Rayyan. It's one of the benefit of this event, meeting new and old friends. Alya too make friend with Rayyan and ride their Poney together... Hehehe...

After that there's a briefing session around 11am. MC for the day was Mr Marcus from Nuffnang Malaysia. Then there's Mr. Nicholas also from Nuffnang Malaysia giving a welcoming speech and a representative from Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad saying a few words from the sponsors.

After the briefing... We all join the early fitness academy camp special for baby under the age of 3 years old. Inside the gym, we as parents are taught how to stimulate the children combining education with fun and fitness.  Then, we do some baby stimulation exercises moving our body, singing and jumping around. The facilitator also gave us a chance to play with all the obstacles inside the gym. This will help to teach Alya to hear and do instructions and also improve her body coordination. Towards the end, Alya got a chance to play with bubbles blown by the facilitator. Alya like it so much seeing the many colors like a rainbow in the bubbles.
At the end of the session,  a gentleman was chosen for being the most sporting daddy. Lucky him!

After the gym session, there's also a talk organized by the sponsors. First, there's a briefing on Child Immunity and how Friso Gold can help to increase this by a nutritionist from Dutch Lady. It was a good informative session seeing the benefits of Friso Gold in a growing up children. A quiz session was also arranged at the end of the session though we are not one of the lucky winners. Daddy tried to answer one of the questions  but he got the answer wrong. Pity Daddy... Mommy was also stressed because I couldn't get a hand on one of the prizes.
The second talk was by Ruth Liew, a renown child expert who authored several parenting books. She's also a popularly known columnist on parenting and child care in The Star. I remembered one of the question was about sharing especially a single child. This is so true for Alya. Being the only child in the family, she don't want to share her toys with other babies in school although that toy belong to other baby. Usually she will took a toy as hers and nobody can take that away from her. If it is taken away, she will cried out loud. There's no way around this but to teach Alya to share her things and tell her why we need to share.

I would say the talk was an eye opening session for us, first time parents.

Mommy and Daddy missed our lunch since Daddy was too concentrated on the talk by Madam Ruth while Mummy was accompanying Alya with other kids for her lunch. It looks like Alya love the spaghetti much like Daddy. Hehehe...

 Look at the food! So delicious!

After lunch, there's a few games arranged for the kids while waiting for the Magic show to start. The kids enjoyed the games very much as they try to collect as much goodies as they can.

Then, around 1.15pm, the session that's been waited by the kids and parents starts! It's the Magic Show by Mr Hafidz! The magics astound the kids and parents too! Mummy still can't figure out how the magician swap the dummy bird to a live one in the cages. He also showed his escapist skills like how he can untied his hand from a tightly bound rope by an audience. This really make the audience laughs especially when he can untie and tied it faster than the helper from the audience. There's a few other tricks too like the floating table, a Ribena bottle that comes out of his hands and Mummy Snacks that appear out of fire.

The moment that has been waited by the parents especially is the grand prize giving ceremony that will take a family to a 3D2N Hong Kong Disneyland package. Daddy has been to HK Disneyland before but he promised to take Mummy and Alya someday... Don't know when... There's also 10 RM100 Toys'R'Us gift vouchers to 10 selected blogs for best Pre-Event entry.
As expected Kak Ros from MomBloggersPlanet won the Grand Prize. Tahniah tahniah tahniah to Kak Ros.

the lucky winner... and i am so jeles of you all... better be me next year... hehhehe...

The event ended around 2.30pm and we don't go home empty handed. Each family got a goodies bag full of gifts from the main sponsor, Dutch Lady. We got a tin of Friso Gold, face towel, Dutch Lady Yes!, Sticky notes and etc.

Thanks to Nuffnang and Dutch Lady Friso for making such an Fun and Informative day for us!!!
We wouldn't want to miss next year's event when Alya will be 2 years old and she can actively participate in all the games.


Mama Qiestina said...

weeeeee behsnyaaaaa..tgggu Qies becau nanti nak join gaklaaa..

whoa kak alina nak photoshoot gak tuuu..igt nak g picc gak,tapi nampak cuaca tak okla..musim ujan kan..payah bawak baby.

Me_Lina said...

tula...kek ena x jd g... nak ujan lak... alya lak arini x tdo2... lgsg dlm kol 4.30++ dier bantai tdo x bgun2... adeh sian lak nak kejutkan... huhuuh...

strawberi said...

helo lina..salam kenal

me...mama rayyan..kawan zaryn..

Me_Lina said...

hehehehe wsalam.... rayyan yer... salah eja... ehhehehe

salam kenal.. hehehe

iem said...

salam kenal...
bestnye tgk alya main2 tu..

.D d L a L a. said...

i saw u... tapi macam ragu2 nak tegur...

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